A collaborative watershed restoration initiative to support Pennsylvania’s pilot alternative TMDL approach.

For questions and to get involved in the partnership, contact:
Kristen Kyler, Project Coordinator, Penn State Agriculture & Environment Center or 717-948-6609


Penn State was awarded a Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2015 to facilitate a watershed partnership in the Chiques Creek watershed. Drawing from past successes with the “Conewago Creek Initiative”, the AEC team plans to facilitate collaborative work among diverse stakeholders in the watershed. There are many groups already doing great work in the Chiques Watershed, and the AEC team hopes to bring all stakeholders together to increase successes and share resources.

The project is meant to complement the alternative TMDL approach work that the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission have been leading over the last year. By bringing together public and private entities, the Chiques Creek Reenvisioned partnership hopes to increase outreach and engagement of landowners in the watershed and accelerate the adoption of land management practices to improve water quality, in support of existing and continued efforts in the watershed.

Organizational Structure

Management Team
Consists of all project partners and serve as the project steering committee, providing overall project advice and guidance, developing and implementing outreach and communications strategies, and conducting other efforts necessary to meet overall project goals.

Planning/Monitoring Team
Consists of partners with watershed planning and monitoring interest and expertise. Tasked with developing a comprehensive, strategic watershed restoration plan for Chiques Creek watershed, and developing and implementing a comprehensive and long term monitoring plan to establish baseline conditions in the watershed and evaluate water quality improvements over time.

Agriculture Team
Consists of partners with interest and expertise in outreach and technical assistance within the agricultural community. Tasked with developing and implementing collaborative, cohesive strategies for outreaching to farmers, achieving baseline compliance, adopting BMPs and restoration practices, and increasing ecosystem services on agricultural lands in the watershed.

Stormwater Team
Consists of partners with interest and expertise in managing stormwater and achieving nutrient and sediment load reductions from urban stormwater runoff. Tasked with developing and implementing cost effective strategies for increased green infrastructure approaches to stormwater management and overcoming barriers to adoption.

Municipal Team
Consists of representatives from each of the municipalities in the watershed. This team will help keep all municipalities informed of progress made by the other teams and provide opportunity for each of the local governments to provide input to the overall project.

Staff support for the partnership and all teams will be provided by the AEC, specifically Matt Royer (Director), Kristen Kyler (Local Project Coordinator), Jennifer Fetter (Education and Outreach Coordinator) and Penn State student interns.

Chiques Creek Grant Opportunity

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Goals of the Project:

  Development of a watershed partnership and organizational structure to facilitate collaboration and collective action. Development and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring plan for the watershed to establish baseline conditions and measure impact and changes in condition. Development of a strategic watershed plan for implementing actions to achieve water quality goals. Achieving baseline compliance for …

Municipal Stormwater Education Toolkit

The Municipal Stormwater Education Toolkit was developed by the Chiques Reenvisioned stormwater Team. The goal is that this resource will help municipalities reach out to their residents in a variety of ways- reaching new people in effective ways. Please reach out the the various partners identified in the toolkit to plan your education, outreach, and …


Lancaster Municipalities in the Watershed: East Donegal Township East Hempfield Township Manheim Borough Mount Joy Borough Mount Joy Township Penn Township Rapho Township West Donegal Township West Hempfield Township   Other Partners: Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay American Rivers Arro Consulting, Inc. Chesapeake Bay Foundation Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance Donegal Trout Unlimited Elizabethtown Area Water …