Goals of the Project:


  1. Development of a watershed partnership and organizational structure to facilitate collaboration and collective action.
  2. Development and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring plan for the watershed to establish baseline conditions and measure impact and changes in condition.
  3. Development of a strategic watershed plan for implementing actions to achieve water quality goals.
  4. Achieving baseline compliance for all farms in the watershed.
  5. Increased implementation of BMPs on agricultural lands, leveraging existing funding sources and partnerships.
  6. Demonstration of programs for cost effective tracking and verification of BMP implementation.
  7. Development and delivery of “Read the Farm” whole farm conservation Extension programming that brings farmers and service providers together in a collaborative, field based learning environment.
  8. Development and delivery of professional training on design, construction and maintenance of stormwater best management practices for municipalities and the local landscape community.
  9. Increased implementation of stormwater best management practices on urban/suburban lands through an innovative multi-municipal consortium and through best strategies for cost effective use of funds.