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Stop 5 – Benedict Farm

Benedict Farm

benedict farm Google Maps
UPDATE: It was recently discovered that the address for the Benedict Farm was never listed on the Tour.
This is what Google provides as the information associated with the intersection of Hossler Road and Sonora Lane.

Showing results for Spring Meadow Farm near Manheim, PA 17545

1800-1998 Sonora Ln
Manheim, PA 17545
40.165089, -76.467902

Once you turn onto Sonora Lane follow the road when it bends to the left and Jim’s farm is straight ahead of you.

Welcome to Benedict Farm. This is the fifth stop on the Tour de Chiques 2013. Listen to the narrative for this stop on your smartphone using one of the options below and take a look at the features described around the site. Once you have finished your visit to this site Click here to be directed to the next location on the tour or click BACK below to return to the tour index page.

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